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Have you Ever been Gymtimidationed?


In front of my TV going through some tech news, and this commercial plays. I start laughing so hard, because I have seen this happen in person. I was intimidated and offended at the same, I just had to leave the gym that day.

Long story cut short, one morning I went to the gym to workout.
Quiet morning workout I thought it would be, then these guys walk in, and instantly start lighting weights, pulling stunts and showing off. It didn’t stop there, they start making crazy noises WHOOOO!!!! AAHHHHHHH!! YEAAAAAH!! ONE MOREEEEEE!!! Push ups with one hand etc.. and one just assigned himself as my personal trainer “Hey Buddy One More!!! I SAY ONE MOREE!!! I swear, he Yelling at me like he knew me from another life “Don’t Give on me Buddy”

Watch the commercial, and Tell me your Story too.