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MOVEO’s Cool Foldable Electric Scooter


Scooter Lovers, would appreciate this very futuristic, stylish and clean design. The price seems very reasonable too at 2,400 € as stated on the company blog. It has a light carbon fiber composite body, this allows the MOVEO scooter to be folded.
Its is the size of a large suitcase in it’s folded state. So you can just park it up and leave. I think it would be a great ‘around town’ transportation.Just “Shut Up And Tech My Money” already!

MOVEO Specs:

– carbon-composite monocoque body
– Li-ion batteries
– electronic in-wheel-motors in both wheels
– pedal generator for physical exercise and supplementary charge
– performance: 2×400 W (durable)
– speed: 45-50 km/h
– weight: under 25 kg (without the saddlebag)
– range: 35 km (70 km with a double battery pack)

MOVEO in Half

Via: Antro

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