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Roli’s Seaboard GRAND, Is Not Your Ordinary Keyboard.


On our “Hot Tech” sector for today, we present to you The Seaboard GRAND, Design-led by technology start-up ROLI is “An evolution of the piano keyboard, the Seaboard has a soft three-dimensional surface that enables unprecedented real-time, intuitive control of the fundamental characteristics of sound: pitch, volume, and timbre. Piano and keyboard players can instantly transfer their skills to the Seaboard and begin exploring its new capacities.”

[alert style=”1″]”Evolved from the piano keyboard, the Seaboard is a new musical instrument which bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips.”[/alert]

The Seaboard GRAND has features of a conventional keyboard, with better tech and specs that makes your keyboard at home look like a caveman. The Seaboard GRAND has soft keys, track your gesture, flexible, and is pressure-sensitive. There will be 88 Seaboard GRAND editions, the will be available for pre-order worldwide starting in April 2013 each will be named after a particular note on the piano keyboard, from A0 to C8.

If good music is the food of life, then a wonderful instrument like The Seaboard is the kitchen for cooking it. See the video for yourself and tell us what you think.

Source: We Are Roli