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iOS Users Can Now Get Addappt’s Contact Sync App With Group Contact Control and Messaging


Addappt just launched it’s contact management service to the public today. The app gives iOS users group contact control, on your mobile, desktop and iCloud at once. Addappt was founded by early LinkedIn and Microsoft employees, four months go to an “invite-only” crowd. iOS users can grab the app from the iTunes App Store, give the app a try and let us know how it stacks up to your other contact management apps. No news for Addappt on Android yet!


Group contact management and messaging:
Create and manage all your groups like favorites, family etc. within addappt and then email, text or share multiple photos (now go beyond the only 5 photos allowed by iOS or simply select all for an album!) privately with any group.

Completely Private – no sharing of friends list, no sharing of who you and your friends are connecting with and no friend count

(You DO NOT need Twitter or Facebook credentials to use addappt but does need access to your Contacts)

Source: iTunes

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