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DUO 3D sensor on Kickstarter promises a low cost, 3D sensor that anyone can build.


With lots of motion tracking device news springing up of late, and some making it’s way to the public already. Here comes the DUO 3D sensor “world’s first and only DIY 3D sensing solution.” Being an open source project, the Duo 3D sensor is “Paired with a powerful API & SDK it provides companies, researchers and students the ability to create custom 3D interactive environments.” The DOU 3D sensor is inviting all gadget fans, hackers, artists, and researcher to jump in and make 3D sensing simple & customizable. See the video after the quote for more. The company stated on their Kickstarter page that the sensor is practically easy to use in few steps, plug it in, download the necessary software, and start playing around with it within minutes. The demo looks very promising, extremely accurate and also a tough competition for Leap, I literally can’t wait to get my fingers on them.

Potential Uses: 

  • Art/Visualizations
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Gaming/Entertainment
  • Robotics/Machine Vision
  • 3D Scanning/Environment Mapping
  • and more…

Source: KickStarter