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See How The Jurassic Park T-Rex Animatronic Was Built From Scratch to Finish (Video)


If you ask the special effects team for Jurassic Park, how the achieved such a difficult task without the CG animation we have now, words alone wouldn’t do justice to the effort the put to bring the creatures to life. Stan Winston Studios, the effects house behind the creatures for the film, is showing behind the scenes of how they built the T-Rex that had you spilling your popcorn back in the 1990s. Watch the 3 part series below with commentary from engineers who worked on the project, to see how the 9,000-pound tyrannosaurus rex was built from scratch, be sure to share with some old school friends.


JURASSIC PARK’s Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex Puppet comes together at Stan Winston Studio. SWS Dinosaur Mechanics, Tim Nordella, Evan Brainard & Richard Landon reveal the mechanical techniques and processes behind building one of the largest, most iconic characters in film history, detailing the groundbreaking creation of the hydraulic metal skeleton that brought the T-Rex to life again after 65 million years.



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