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Wi-Fi Direct – The New Bluetooth?


So you may have heard of it, but contrary to it’s name, Wi-Fi Direct allows you to share media files between devices WITHOUT using Wi-Fi. Confused? Just think of it as a type of Bluetooth – no wi-fi or USB cables needed.

Now there’s a big argument going on, as to whether Wi-Fi Direct is the new Bluetooth  or not. So let’s weigh it up. Bluetooth has been around longer and is available in more devices, whereas many of your devices will not yet support Wi-Fi Direct. More people know about Bluetooth, but Wi-Fi direct transfers media files in a shorter amount of time over a further distance.

To be honest, I think at least for the moment there will be times you’ll use Bluetooth and times where Wi-Fi Direct may be the more suitable option. It remains to be seen if Wi-Fi Direct will run Bluetooth out of the market, but for now, I can safely say Bluetooth will be around for years to come yet.

My video explains what Wi-Fi Direct is, how to use it, and when you’ll need it.



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