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New Microsoft’s Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Mobile Mouse Comes With Start Buttons For Your Windows OS


Microsoft just announced two new mice to its collection today (Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Mobile Mouse), specifically designed to help you navigate your Windows 8 OS effortlessly. They are the first mice from the Microsoft to include a Windows button on them, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Mouse are designed to give the user quick access to features that would ordinarily require keyboard inputs. The Mobile Mouse comes with just a Start Key, a scroll wheel, ability scroll sideways by tilting the scroll wheel left or right, and it requires a dongle. As for the Comfort Mouse, it comes with the Windows touch tab  (a touch-sensitive blue strip on the side), that allows you to navigate your Windows 8 OS with a couple of touch and swipe features, and requires Bluetooth to connect to your PC or tablet. The  Sculpt Mobile Mouse is expect to hit the shelves first in May for an estimated retail price of $29.95 and June for the Comfort Mouse for  $39.95.



Source: Microsoft

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