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Meet The Smile, A Bracelet Smartphone from EmoPulse (Video)


Editor Update: The EmoPulse website is still live at the time of this update, their campaign page is no longer on Indiegogo and the link to the company’s online shop is shown as unavailable. We are unaware of the fate and/or future (if there is one) of the Emopulse Smile project, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to hand.

Meet the “The Smile,” a smartphone you’ll actually wear like a bracelet, it’s still in a crowdfunding stage, looking to fund its production. As seen on  Indiegogo, it will be able read your mood, monitor your diet and health. While other companies are still working on an a practical version of a wearable wrist device, the company EmoPulse has an idea of what their production model should look like. Apart from knowing when you’re stressed, The Smile would be capable of a whole of lot of things, and cool features. You can use the smile as an independent cell phone or answer calls from your smart phone with voice commands, same goes for emails, messages or videos.

The device can also serve as your key to your smart locks and a virtual wallet, as it comes with NFC capabilities. Under the hood, it comes with 4G connectivity, OMAP 5 Processor, 128/256 GB flash, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt. It’s said to run on Linux, which might be a downside as regards to apps, but the company assures that, “There are a huge amount of the applications functioning within AI based operating systems and emotional monitoring. Functions that you couldn’t imagine before, are now available in a watch-sized case on your wrist.”

The Smile can be pre-ordered now, as seen on the official website and Indiegogo for $300 (128 GB Version,) for more information, hit the source link below.The video below shades a light on The Smile’s functionality, let us know what you think.

Emopulse “S” HQ from Nick N on Vimeo.


  • Connectivity-  4G (LTE)
  • Processor-       OMAP5
  • Random-access memory-  2Gb
  • Flash memory- 128 Gb / 256 Gb
  • Wireless interface- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio
  • Wire interface-  USB 3.0, Thunderbolt
  • Navigation systems- GPS/GLONASS
  • Payment system- NFC
  • Display- 2x FOLED
  • Cameras-  9Mpx(12Mpx*)-9Mpx-5Mpx
  • Sensors- Three-axis gyroscope,
    luminance sensor,
    body temperature infrared sensor,
  • Сharging-    Wireless charging technology


Press Release

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Smile is the world’s first smart phone you can wear like a bracelet! Not only that, but it can also read your mood. It will know if you’re stressed out or relaxing. It can monitor your diet and your health. It will inform you when you should get up and move or take a rest. It can suggest where you should spend a night out on the town. It can control how awake you are as well as your sleep stages and your dream time. And if you’re in trouble, the Smile will call for help.


You can use your Smile as an independent cell phone as well as answer calls from your smart phone via the Smile. It’s quite easy to answer a call this way, just reply “Yes” or use any other affirmative word. You do not have to memorize command words, since the Smile understands your natural language. Or you can just press a button, as usual. Sending a text, email messages or video, listen to or read the messages on Facebook, blogs or Twitter Tweets. All these things are quite simple to do.

A universal key and wallet

Paying for the purchases has never been so convenient! B With the wireless NFC payment system which is built-in into the Smile just wave your hand above the sensor of a wireless payment system at the check-out and you’re done! (You choose a bank card or e-account number before) Now The Smile, which is always with you, is your handiest tool for paying for your purchases.

Key storage

As a nice add-on feature, the Smile’s memory can store all of your personal key information including permanent keys for your house, garage, office and car and temporary ones for your hotel or season tickets. The Smile’s memory will also hold a large amount of discount card information. We also hope that soon the Smile will be able to receive, copy, and store e-ticket information as well.

Display dimensions

The Smile’s screen size will be the same as 3 icon rows on the iPhone screen.

The Smile is the AI that will become your indispensable assistant friend.




Source: EmoPulse