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Final Fantasy IV For Android Now on Google Play For $16


Final Fantasy IV is finally available on the Google Play Store for a whopping $15.99, and requires Android 2.3.3 to run.  same as its iOS counterpart. The title originally released in 1991 as the fourth installment of the Final Fantasy series, but the Google Play’s Final Fantasy IV is a remake, as it come with other amazing features. The latest title comes with some cool features to justify it’s price and keep your fingers playing. The features include voice acting for certain scenes, visible emotional changes for characters,  a brand new mapping feature that lets you start with a completely blank dungeons map and more. If you are into Square Enix’s Active Time Battle (ATB) system, be sure to check the link and trailer below.

– Voice acting for event scenes
Key events unfold with spoken dialogue.

– Deeply emotional portrayals
Characters go through visibly apparent emotional changes.

– A brand new mapping feature
Players start with a completely blank dungeons map, adding an element of the unknown to the mix!

– Jukebox
Players can listen to the game’s music anytime they want.


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