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New Electronic Skin Research Breakthrough Could Help Detect Touch and Temperature


A team of scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, discovered how to make a new kind of flexible sensor that could be 10 times more sensitive in touch than the currently existing electronic skin systems. They achieved this  by using tiny gold particles and a kind of resin to make a flexible senor that one day could be integrated into electronic skin, or e-skin. The flexible sensors allow the artificial skin to detect touch, humidity and temperature as well. This recent development is a breakthrough in the efforts to build better e-skin over the years, as this “can simultaneously sense touch, humidity, and temperature, as real skin can do,” says research team leader Professor Hossam Haick. e-skinDr. Nir Peled, Head of the Thoracic Cancer Research and Detection Center at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center said that ” the sensor is very stable and can be attached to any surface shape while keeping the function stable.” That setup allows the device to run off of common low-voltage batteries as well, an important trait to help it make its way into mainstream society, and eventually help to bringing a sense of touch to artificial limbs. Visit the source link after the break for more information for more information.

Via: PhysOrg

Source: American Technion Society

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