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Lernstift: The electronic Improvement of Your Grammar in Your Hands



“im enroling in coledge as i type”

Not really.  But I bet you’ve seen this going around the internet.  Well, I have.  And this is just an example of one of the grammar horrors that you can find.   Scary!

It might seem insignificant but I’m one to think that a perfectly written article is really important in spite of the content.  Don’t misunderstand me.  Content is crucial, but grammar?  It’s vital!  A blog post or an article with too many spelling errors looks sloppy, specially in this world that we live in with internet providing us with thousands of spell check tools.

But let’s loose the “Miss Trunchball” attitude and let’s talk about the matter at hand.  Literally.

My beloved news for the day is the Lernstift.  A smart pen.  Yes, we now live within smartphones, smart watches, smart glasses, smart TVs – everything’s so smart!   So why not a smart pen?  I find it really useful for an aspiring writer like me.

But here’s the story: once upon a time Lernstift UG – “The Good Vibrations Company” – came up with the clever idea of developing a prototype “learning pen” (Lernstift in German) which vibrates when it recognizes a spelling mistake.   So here’s when the “good vibrations” kick in: an instant feedback from integrated electronics.

The mini computer inside this pen includes a vibration module and a  bunch of non-optical motion sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) for the recognition of movement and shapes of letters and words.

According to Daniel Kaesmacher, co-founder of Lernstift: “Basically there are two functions. The calligraphy mode which helps you correct individual letters, and the orthography mode which vibrates when a word is misspelled.” *

Personally, this is like a dream come true.  What were Daniel Kaesmacher (co-founder of Lernstift) and Falk Wolski (inventor of Lernstift) doing while we were at school in the middle of a spelling test?   Come to think of it, will this be the end of spelling and grammar tests?  We’ll see…

Found any errors on this post?  Please let me know.  I might be the perfect candidate for a Lernstift!

*Source CNN