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Charge Your Mobile With Activ, The Personal Power Generator


We are all made of energy and that’s a fact.  Our bodies are temples, that’s true alright, temples that produce power.

We all know the basic process of how energy is produced in our bodies and how we spend it for ourselves.  But have you thought about using this energy for powering something else?  And by something else I mean something that usually requires electricity to function.  A mobile for instance.

Industrial designer Benjamin Azzam developed the Activ, a very interesting personal power generator which allows you to store your energy and use it for another purpose rather than spending it all on your own body.  The Activ is powered by the kinetic energy produced by the knee movement.  Once the on-board battery is full, you can plug and charge your mobile or any other device with a USB connector.  And voilà!

Charge Your Mobile With Activ, The Personal Power Generator

Remember the phrase “so much energy wasted“?  Well, waste no more.  That energy that you’re not planning to use while you’re watching TV, reading a book or sleeping can be put to good use now.  We all know that mobile batteries nowadays don’t last longer than a day – specially if you are a Social Media-holic like me.  Constant updates, notifications, messages coming our way.  The led blinking, the alarm sounding, the phone vibrating.  That requires a LOT of energy!

Being made of lightweight plastic and aluminum and ergonomically shaped, this peculiar gadget is very comfortable to wear.  The battery can be removed from its unit allowing the use of multiple batteries for super power!

Can you think of a situation that an  Activ could have saved your day?  I can think of a few…

Source: Activ