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Kim Dotcom’s Mega Cloud Storage Service Gets An iPhone


Nearly five months after Kim Dotcom’s cloud storage service Mega came to Android.  iPhone users will be pleased to learn that the Mega cloud storage just made its way to iOS app store. The newly launched iOS app lets users preview or stream supported media files, manage their contents stored in the cloud, and also comes with the ability to send file and folder links directly within the app. You could say the Mega iOS app has the same features as its Android counterpart, users who want Mega premium subscription can do so via in-app purchase. Users get 500 GB of storage and 1000 GB of bandwidth each month for the price of $10.99, if you quest for more, Mega does offer more storage capacity on its website. The app lacks automatic camera syncing, as the company notes that a version for iPad will be released  in the near future so as a fix for backup/sync.


  • Browse and manage your MEGA cloud storage account
  • Fast file transfers
  • Preview and stream supported document and file formats
  • Export and send file and folder links
  • Import file links into your account

Coming soon:

  • Photo sync
  • iPad support


Via: Mega Blog

Source: iTunes