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Ford swaps Microsoft’s Windows for Blackberry’s QNX

Ford Motor Co. F-150 Atlas concept truck interior


Ford Motor Company has been struggling lately with Microsoft’s Windows Sync in-car technology. There has been various complaints about glitches within the software system (malfunctioning tech issues and touch screens). There is a rumor that Ford will now base their next-generation Sync system on BlackBerry’s QNX and no longer use Microsoft’s Windows.


Using QNX will provide less expensive licensing for the motor giant than the previous Microsoft technology and it will gradually improve the flexibility as well as the speed of the next ‘Sync’ system. Ford currently has more than 7 million vehicles using Microsoft’s voice-activated Sync software to play music & make hands-free mobile phone calls (via the vehicles sound system).


Improving Sync is crucial for the second-largest U.S. automaker to draw car shoppers who are searching for ways to be connected at all times.


[The photo above displays Ford Motor Co. F-150 Atlas concept truck interior (by David Paul Morris)]


As of date BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems can be found in several cars made by auto brands such as, Audi, Kia, BMW & Mercedes-Benz (via QNX.com & Auto Guide). QNX technology is currently used to manage nuclear-power plants and by the U.S.A. military for various unmanned aerial drones. Its customers now include Cisco Systems Inc., General Electric Co. and Caterpillar Inc.


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