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NBC To Bring Back Heroes In 2015: VIDEO


NBC just confirmed that Heroes is coming back to TV in  2015. NBC revealed this during its Olympic coverage that the series will return for a 13-episode miniseries run in 2015. In an official post on NBC’s Heroes page,it stated that, “With the return of “Heroes Reborn,” NBC will launch a digital series prior to the 2015 premiere that will introduce the characters and new storylines.” NBC launched Heroes in 2006 with the famous tagline “Save the Cheerleader Save the World.” The show was then cancelled 2010, but it never stopped racking up passionate fans as it gained a cult status.  Heroes Reborn will feature a new group of characters, though “we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in,” NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said. Creator Tim Kring is back to produce the 13-episode miniseries. You could say NBC had to play this card, as Fox revived its iconic drama “24” as an event miniseries which is due out this May.



Source: NBC