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AirPlay On iOS 8 Won’t Need a Wi-Fi Connection To Stream Media


At the moment iOS or MAC devices need to be on the same WiFi network with the Apple TV for Apple’s AirPlay to stream media contents.  With the iOS 8 upgrade, users will be able to discover and stream to a nearby Apple TV without being connected to a network at all.This simply means that  iOS 8 devices will support “peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback.” This isn’t a new thing, as this functionality has long been available through the DLNA wireless protocol before now,  iOS users should be pretty hype to hear this. This eliminates the complex process of having to ask for a hotspot password just to show off those cool birthday photos, or broadcast a presentation in the meeting room. There is no news on the peer-to-peer functionality being extended to OS X, it sure will be cool if it did.


peer-to-peer ios airplay


Via: AppleInsider, Gizmodo

Source: Apple




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