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OUYA Announces $60/Year All-Access Pass


OUYA was announced in 2012, back then it gained so much buzz in the android and gaming community which seems to have faded. E3, the holly land of all gaming events has come and gone with little fanfare from the Android-powered Ouya console. In a bid to get the attention of gamers like in the past, OUYA is trying out  a new pilot program — which it calls a “very limited test” all-access plan. This is basically a limited-time yearly fee of $60 to access to every game in the OUYA library. Subcribers have to bear in mind that the all-access pass is restricted to purchases under $30 such as full-game unlocks and level-pack add-ons. However, in-game purchases such as “extra lives and power-ups” are not included in this program, so you’d have to save the life you have and play better. The All-Access pass is a limited time offer program, and is currently sold out at the moment as can be seen on the official OUYA site. If you are an OUYA fan and still want in on the all-access-pass program, you can subscribe to their mailing list, to be notified when it will be available again. For those that have the  OUYA console or already and all-access-pass user, do you think you could part ways with your $60 for OUYA’s game library?



Via: Ars Technica

Source: Gamasutra, OUYA