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SilentPower Is A Fanless Gaming PC Cooled With Copper Foam


SilentPower is a noiseless and fanless gaming PC or you can call it every PC gamers dream. PC enthusiast know that, to get your PC to go silent one has to sacrifice some performance tradeoff. The SilentPower gaming PC, is a compact gaming PC entirely cooled with copper foam.




The Copper foam serves as a perfect conductive material to disperse heat from the processor, allowing air to flow freely through the foam, silently whisking away heat that’s built up on the thin copper strands. This technology isn’t particularly new as researchers have been experimenting metal foam heatsinks before now, but SilentPower will be the first commercial gaming PC to ship with one. The silent gaming PC is being crowdfunded by a German company, on their pre-order and donation page, with the promise to return everything if the do not reach their goal of €45,000. The SilentPower gaming PC packs an i7-4785T (35W TDP) and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (a whopping 170W TDP).  Configurations start at  €699 (8GB RAM / 500GB SSD) to €1159 (16GB RAM / 1TB SSD). As a PC gamer, I hope they reach their crowdfunding goals, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands one.


Source: SilentPower