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Google Glass Explorer Edition Is Now On Sale Through Google Play For $1500


Nothing hurts a tech-lovers soul most than having to wait for a long, slow rollout of a device you’ve saved up for (OnePlus One fans know what I mean.) Google just made it easier to own their face computer, as long as you have $1,500 to spend on their Google Glass “Explorer Edition.” Google added the Google Glass to the Play Store for all to buy, unlike when they exclusively sold it back in May on an invite-only basis. Back then, the Google Glass was considered to be a “beta” product that was still gaining a fan base, and load of apps. Even though the Google Glass is still in “beta,” we’ve seen a slightly better version of Glass, loads of software update and apps to help improve user experience. If you got it like, you can check out the Glass from the Play Store now, it’s available alongside prescription frames, sunglasses shades, and its custom earpiece.



Source: Google Play Store

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