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Sponsored: 1U App Eliminates The Need For Passwords On Your Smartphone


This post has been sponsored by 1U, but concerns our own opinion

As a tech user who’s conversant with tech trends and news, I must confess, changing passwords for all my sensitive accounts when there’s a news of hackers breaking into secure companies is really tiring. We all tend to use more complex passwords on our financial accounts or cloud services, leaving us with a whole load of passwords to juggle through. The guys at 1U have got the right solution to your password frustration woes with their new 1U app. The app provides a secure digital ecosystem by using your face’s biometrics on your smartphone, making your typewritten password a thing of the past.

“By using this app, you are protecting yourself without sacrificing your convenience. It will change everything, from the way we secure our devices and information, to the way we interact with our vehicles and homes,” said Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs.

You don’t have to worry about the 1U app being fooled with your still images, as the company states that, the app combines iris, facial and periocular identification with an algorithm that detects whether the face being tracked is a living person (“liveness factor”). The 1U apps ability to incorporate third-party biometrics solutions, gives it an effective reputation. The guys at Hoyo Labs recruited content advertising agency Story Worldwide to lead the launch of a new app, which debuts in September, and also bring you the hilarious video about password frustration titled “Another Day In Password Land.”

Source: 1U FaceBook, 1U Twitter