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New Update Brings Real Time Streaming The Livestream iOS App (Video)


In the sky diving, cliff jump, surf wipeout or extreme sports community, the GoPro camera is the go to action camera that comes to mind. Streaming your adventures live required a PC to provide internet connection, which could be difficult to attain when base jumping from the tallest building in the world. A recent update to Livestream’s iOS app on Monday adds live video broadcasting from your GoPro Hero camera, turning it into a camera source.

“We’ve received hundreds of requests to add this kind of capability. People try to hack it and live-stream GoPro to a computer, but obviously a computer is not an appropriate thing to carry in an action sport,” Max Haot, Chief Executive of Livestream

As long as you have good data connection and your phone stays within range of camera, the Livestream iOS app connects your device to the Wi-Fi network of the GoPro Camera. Tapping a button the Livestream iOS app locks the locks the touchscreen, and the feed from the GoPro camera starts to live-stream. The app also comes with live video filters, snapshots posting to your feed and chat functions with your viewers. The Livestream iOS app works with all previous versions of the GoPro cameras, and should work with the company’s recently unveiled GoPro Hero4. There’s now word on an Android version, hope we get one soon. Check out the archived demo video below to see the Livestream iOS app in action



Source: Livestream Producer Blog, App Store