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Gmail 5.0 Supports Your Exchange Accounts, Download The APK


We first heard of the Gmail 5.0 app and its ability to support your Gmail addresses, Outlook, Yahoo and any IMAP- or Exchange-based email accounts couple of weeks ago. If you’ve been itching to give the Gmail 5.0 a try, you can download the APK (production-signed) now before the official app hits the Google Play store in the future. The new Gmail 5.0 comes with the “Material Design” and major changes in the UI, you get to now use corporate/exchange accounts or have the option to unite all your stock Gmail inboxes. We’ve installed the APK on the OnePlus One and it works just fine, ” The APKs are signed by Google and upgrade your existing app. The cryptographic signatures guarantee that the files are safe to install and were not tampered with in any way. ” You’ll have to install a second APK from Google if you want to enable Exchange support, head to Android Police to download these files.





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