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Sponsored By Shell: FUTURE PIONEERS #MakeTheFuture


Shell’s financial support of a $1.3 billion yearly investment to create a future of cleaner energy, has led to the company’s #MakeTheFuture campaign. With the ever-growing population of the earth, cities getting bigger and overall standards of living improving, our energy consumption needs increases too. That’s why Shell’s #MakeTheFuture campaign is simply “inspiring people to consider science studies and careers and to become the game-changing energy experts of the future,” to help out with the world’s growing energy needs. Scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians who willing to create a smarter, cleaner energy future have host of innovation initiatives sponsored by Shell, including Shell LiveWIRE, Shell Eco-marathon, Shell Gamechanger, and Shell Ideas360, all of which offer the chance to unlock their scientific ingenuity and creative spirit.

The Shell #MakeTheFuture campaign has been positive so far, with the help of Brazil soccer legend Pelé, the company unveiled a soccer field demonstration that’s electrified by players’ foot steps, powering the lights at night without using paid electricity. The “Human-Powered football pitch” lights are generated by impact, power tiles which lined the field underneath, feeding electricity to floodlights overhead. The #MakeTheFuture is for everyone – young and old – to use what they know to carry out and inspire others, so we maybe able to “outsmart tomorrow’s energy challenges today.” See the videos below for more information on how to get involved with the Shell #MakeTheFuture campaign.

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