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Microsoft Developing Windows 10 To Tailor Mobile Devices And Not Computer Desktops

A First Look at Microsoft's Windows 10
A First Look at Microsoft's Windows 10

Windows 10‘s Technical Preview has gotten some bad feedback as of late, a lot of windows users are complaining about the operating system beta.

Lets make one thing clear, the OS beta may or may not resemble the final product when Windows 10 is finally released. Most of the complaints are almost identical to the poor feedback Windows received with Windows 8.1. Both operating systems are very similar with only a few unique changes and tweaks. Microsoft has been focused more on touch screens and full screen apps. In a corporate or desktop environment, navigating icons that encourage titles covering th isn’t them isn’t the most ideal software for these domains. It has been made pretty obvious though, despite all of the complaints, Microsoft doesn’t care what we think. There are more than enough people who are completely satisfied with Windows 8.1, like my father. I can’t wrap my head around it but he just seems to get it, Windows 8.1 makes sense to him.

Microsoft has always been company based on opportunistic development, they are constantly keeping updated with the latest trends and looking for new ways to outshine the competition. Over the years, no one can say the company hasn’t done exactly that. It’s the type of business that was built on opportunists and innovators, I’m talking about Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Back then, Microsoft took off and became one of the largest corporations around, cutting Digital Research out of the picture altogether. They now see the tablet and mobile industries as an opportunity to shy away from the PC business, where they remain a supreme entity. This exactly the reason why Windows 10 will most likely never be the best desktop operating system. Microsoft has little to no interest on the desktop computer and all of their attention and efforts are being thrown into catching up with Apple and Google in the mobile phone industry.


Source: PCMag