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Microsoft Adds Document Chat To Office Online


Microsoft will be adding a new chat feature to their web-based productivity suite, it reminds me of Google’s own chat functionality in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.The ‘document chat’ feature will allow you to chat with your co-workers while you work on the same document. Microsoft’s document chat feature is almost the same thing Microsoft rolled out across Outlook.com and OneDrive that allows you to start Skype chats from their web-based UIs. The Skype-powered chat will only make its way to the web version of Word and PowerPoint (it’s not available in Excel or OneNote Online.) Clicking the Chat button in the upper right of the window will begin a chat session with everyone working in the document. According to WinSuperSite, the new document chat for Office Online will be available in the coming weeks.



SOURCE: WinSuperSite