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Sprint Gives Gift To Loyal Customers, Cheap Upgrades

Sprint Loyalty Program
Sprint Loyalty Program

Sprint is rewarding loyal customers who don’t jump ship with a chance to get the latest Apple or Samsung flagship smartphone. As a ‘Holiday Thank You’ the carrier is offering the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 for $5 a month with $0 down.

The wireless wars have been getting more intense as smartphones have gotten even more popular with consumers. There was a time when if you wanted an iPhone and lived in the U.S., your only choice of carrier was AT&T. The exclusivity was a monstrous success for both Apple and AT&T; the carrier gained millions of new customers who were leaving Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile for AT&T’s iPhone.

In Apple’s exclusive contract with AT&T, it struck an unheard of deal as a smartphone manufacturer. AT&T would pay Apple a percentage each month from an iPhone customer’s bill for the privilege of offering the device.

The iPhone remained an AT&T exclusive from 2007 and ended when Verizon began offering the iPhone 4 to its customers in February 2011. Sprint got the iPhone iPhone 4S in September 2011 and T-Mobile followed suit and began selling the iPhone 5 in April 2013.

Sprint knows that the iPhone 6 and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 are going to be among the most-purchased holiday gifts this season. In an effort to reward its loyal customers and ensure that they don’t leave the carrier for Apple and Samsung’s latest flagship due to a lower price at a competitor, Sprint recently posted the following news to its support site:

“Our ‘Holiday Thank You” initiative is a communication to our loyal base customers from our new CEO, Marcelo Claure, with a special thank you and a series of specific offers to convey our gratitude. Based on customer’s individual accounts they will receive qualified offers for one or more of the following:

Latest Phone for $5 a month – You’ll now be able to get a new iPhone 6 (16GB) or Samsung Galaxy S 5 for only $5 a month with $0 down (with your existing rate plan). That translates into a $360 savings over two years (after $15/mo. Loyalty Service Credit). “

Sprint’s support site has a complete rundown of all of “Sprint’s Holiday Thank You Offers.”

Source: Sprint & iMore