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Watch Ken Block’s (Gymkhana Seven) Insane Car Drift Video


You know the feeling you get after watching any Fast and Furious movie, then you’re brought back to reality when you realise that you don’t own a souped up car? One of the founders of DC Shoes (Ken Block), a precision driver who competes in various rally racing has a new video titled Gymkhana Seven, in which he performs absurd stunts that will leave the Fast and Furious crew jealous. In the Gymkhana Seven video, we see Ken Block burning massive rubber on the streets of LA in his custom-built all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang packing well over 800 horsepower. Spoiler alert, the video includes a death-defying move in which Block drifts underneath a hydraulic lowrider that is mid-bounce. Warning, don’t try this in your neighbourhood highway.