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Apple Store Now Allows PayPal Support To Make Payments

Apple Store works with PayPal

Apple is trying to use all types of strategies to keep the business involved with holiday shoppers. And now they are effortlessly attempting to make it even easier so you don’t have to even get out of bed. If you so happen to own a PayPal account with a decent amount of funds in it, you might be interested in knowing that this holiday season, Apple will be offering PayPal support for its online Apple Store. But its only for those who live only in the U.S. and the U.K.

Apple intends to take this opportunity to promote PayPal’s financing scheme that will enable customers to pay for their purchases via an interest-free installment plan that spans across the time of 18 months. But I must warn you that you will need a minimum order of $250 to qualify, which isn’t really an attractive reason to apply for said schematics as far as Apple Store products are concerned. Even users can also head to this support page to estimate their monthly payments.