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Montblanc’s ‘e-Strap’ Makes Luxury Watches Smarter


Smartwatches are cool, but not too many watch lovers are ready to make the jump yet. No enough battery life and few brands to choose from are some reasons traditional watch lovers cite. Montblanc seems to have got the answer that allows you turn your regular watch to a smartwatch. The luxury watchmaker recently unveiled their e-Strap band for their Timewalker Urban Speed Collection. The Montblanc e-Strap add-on brings activity tracking, notifications, music controls, remote camera trigger and a list of other features to you regular watch. The e-Strap has a 0.9-inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen and connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth with the help of a companion app. Montblanc also noted that the e-Strap can easily get the user five days f usage before it gets recharged. We don’t have an exact timeframe for the e-Straps availability, but the Timewalker Urban Speed Collection starts from €2,990 up to €4,690 (about $3,319 to $5,675), and €250 (around $300) for the e-Strap.