We got introduced to a couple of Steam Machines at CES 2014, including a Chronos desktop version from Origin. Fast forward to CES 2015, Origin is back with another teaser of its gaming rigs, with not much mention of Steam. The Origin new Omega gaming rigs can still boot multiple operating systems, they’re more like an entertainment PC for your living room as stated by the company “The World’s Most Powerful and Customizable Living Room PC from ORIGIN PC.” There’s no pricing yet for the rigs, but Origin has a sign-up page for those who want to be notified when it’s available sometime this year.

Origin Omega Features

  • Home Theater Cases With Optional Custom Paint
  • Liquid-Cooling and Professional Overclocking
  • Supports Highest End NVIDIA Cards in SLI
  • Supports 4k Gaming
  • Dual Boot Capabilities With Multiple Operating Systems
  • FREE Lifetime 24/7 US Based support