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CES 2015: TempTraq Monitors Your Baby’s Temperature Via Bluetooth

Blue Spark Technologies is expanding its temperature-reading devices into human thermometers.


Health Tech has been really trending at CES this year. Especially with the latest fitness and sleep trackers popping up all over the place but today I want to introduce to you the latest piece of tech from Blue Spark Technologies, called TempTraq. TempTraq is a tiny soft patch that can be used to safely check your baby’s body temperatures as they fluctuate.

TempTraq is a great tool for parents with newborns that they take home. The soft patch is flexible thanks to a tiny temperature sensor and a flexible, printed battery. All parents need to do is apply the patch, download the app (for iOS and Android), sync the device, and then hit the start button. The temperature sensors continuously monitors the baby’s body temperature, and it pushes that data information to the smartphone app over a solid Bluetooth connection. That Bluetooth connection only has a 40-foot range. So  far though Blue Spark hasn’t added a Wi-Fi option, but you never know they might add it if there is a future installment.

TempTraq will push live alerts to parents smartphones if the baby’s temperature reaches dangerously high levels. They base it on a color-coding system, which assigns green to temperatures under 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, orange to anything above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and red to anything over the level set by the parents. Another feature is that the TempTraq app can monitor multiple patches at the same time and save recent history for parents and doctors to use for reference. That data can also be sent by email, in a spreadsheet format to send to the child’s doctor for diagnoses or for the parents to keep on file.

TempTraq is still waiting for FDA approval, but we might be seeing it being available sometime this year.