It may seem unbelievable, but Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni  has created for the first time, the cardboard bicycle. Not only is if very affordable at just $10 each, but because its cardboard, it becomes very eco-friendly and lightweight.

The way the pieces of cardboard have been bent, molded and folded into what resembles a shipping package on wheels. Once finished, all of it is soaked into a bit of resin, before a layer of pearly paint is added, and you end up with beautiful looking bicycle, albeit at a relatively cheap price of just $10 to make.

The coat of resin makes all the cardboard bits and pieces waterproof. So if you get caught in a shower while riding, you are still able to glide through puddles or a rain storm like a regular bicycle, without having your ride soaked and falling all apart or unable to take your weight due to the sogginess.

There is also an attachable electric motor accessory if you need to have that extra boost in speed. All together, the cardboard bicycle is so cheap, that it is not even worth stealing. Right now, the bicycle is patent pending and it could be marketed very soon.