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Sony Xperia Z3 Lollipop Update: What We Have Found


Sony Xperia Z3 Lollipop update is probably Sony’s best guarded secret ever. It looks like Sony will offer a UI refresh. Given that the company was hacked those screenshots are still really hard to find. From all the information around let’s decipher what Sony will release for you guys.

They confirmed Lollipop Official release starting with the Xperia Z3 from February.

An XDA member aka “gbil” opened a thread on 12-11-2014 announcing that beta testing for Sony Xperia Z3’s Lollipop version had started with build number 5.0/23.1.X.X.XXX. Later on some websites were accessed by Xperia Z3’s running The same build number as above but more specific 23.1.A.0.131.

Thanks to the folks at the Xperia Blog we got leaked images of new navigation keys gotten from a screenshot of Sony’s movie creator app update. The Images contain a ton of goodies more than they could decipher. The app features a new material designed icon and we can expect the same design language for all their stock apps.

The gallery below shows the app. Look at the status bar icons. They are slightly different.

These unfortunately is all we’ve got and doesn’t tell us everything. The secret is well guarded but at least we have a sneak peek at what is to come. The post will be updated until the official release. Let’s wait and see what Sony will unveil for us for the Sony Xperia Z3.

Update:New video with what it looks like this time.