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Google Chromecast Users Will Receive $6 From Google

Google has the cost of your next movie covered

Google Chromecast

Google is being a bit friendly as of late, they have decided to give away a free $6 credit to all of its Google Chromecast owners. Users can go online and claim their credit and spend it in the Play Store on movies, music and more. All you have to do is to go on over to the Google Chromecast Offers page and connect to your personal Chromecast dongle. Immediately you will see your Chromecast offers and the $6 Google Play credit should be available for you to collect and use.

So if you have decided to go and redeem your free credit offer, go take a look at some of the latest movies that Google Play has to offer and watch them with your family & friends, or even with your valentine next Saturday.

Your Google Chromecast offers will vary from others, especially if you’ve used them before. 


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