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Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite Could Lure App Makers

"Ads In Dev’s Clothing"

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

Yahoo and Flurry have teamed together and announced the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite for app makers. Yahoo hosted its first ever Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco had introduced the mobile developer suite which would come with both Yahoo and Flurry features.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

Flurry now has 200,000 app developers on its platform who have built 630,000 apps that reach over 1.6 billion devices. The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite tool is basically meant to convince mobile developers or app makers to buy and host the company’s ads.

The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite comes with the combination of five products into a single suite: Flurry Analytics, Yahoo App publishing, Yahoo App marketing, Flurry Pulse and Yahoo Search in Apps.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite


Flurry Analytics and Explorer is said to be an ‘ad-hoc query analysis tool’ which makes data available via the dashboard in a very short time.

Yahoo App Publishing gives developer a better way to monetize their apps; it uses Flurry SDK to let developers add native ads to their apps using Gemini ads and BrightRoll ads.

Yahoo App Marketing helps developers find and engage users more. The company is allowing developers target ads in the company’s three mobile advertising option for developers – Gemini native ads on Yahoo properties, video ads on third parties and sponsored post social ads on Tumblr.

Flurry Pulse allows for sharing of app data with ease; it does not need additional buttons just a push of one button. The developer preview is available and would roll out in coming weeks or months. Yahoo is looking to add more partners to Flurry pulse soon.

Yahoo Search in Apps is an integrable tool for mobile apps which let users search for information within the app. The idea is for the user to stick within the app for long without having to exit for search purpose.