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Virtual reality is very mesmerizing. It temporarily moves you away from the current environment you’re in and transports you to a different world. From a Safari, desert, new apartment, mountain, ocean or even within a video game, the experience is just dazzling. I wasn’t the greatest fan of it in the past because I didn’t see the use and hadn’t felt the direct impact virtual reality could have until I tried 3D VR Glasses by Nibiru. Thanks to tinydeal.com I was able to get my hands on a unit.

Nibiru is a company that takes virtual reality seriously with several game titles available, an SDK and even a store for games and virtual reality apps. These 3D VR Glasses are a simple concept of their expanding plan. It uses your smartphone which runs an app then the smartphone is inserted into the glasses which gives an immersive virtual reality experience. For the best experience a controller and earphones are recommended because you can’t control your phone once it has been inserted. If the developer of the app you’re running hasn’t created an interface which supports the gyroscope of your phone to control the app then you’ll face problems. Surprisingly all of the Google Cardboard apps do this but some apps from the Nibiru VR App Store don’t. Also the app store is in Chinese but as I said it is best to use Google Play and their Google Cardboard offerings.


The design of the Nibiru 3D VR Glasses is minimal at best. Made of a light plastic construction and foamy pads where it rests on your face and where you insert your phone. It isn’t premium but does the job. They are affordable so you can’t expect to touch the sky here. But it has elastic straps to keep the unit on your head and the straps are long enough and very resistant, so it shouldn’t have any problems supporting any head size.


As I mentioned earlier after getting the device you’ll have the option to go to Nibiru’s App Store with a QR code scan (in the manual). This store is in Chinese. For the best experience just go to the Google PlayStore and download the Google Cardboard app. From there you’ll get access to a ton of VR content ranging from games to movie players to space explorers and the list doesn’t end. I was actually surprised that so much VR stuff was available already. I never found myself wanting more because most of my needs were filled.


I used these Nibiru 3D VR Glasses for an on/off period of two months. During this period I have shared it with friends and family. Everyone has been absolutely blown away by the immersion virtual reality offers. It was strange feeling at first to put such a huge device on their head but once it was there no one wanted to take it off. It’s very comfortable, exceptionally light and thus can be used for long periods of time. The offerings also are nice and entertaining. It is actually something you have to try for yourself and can’t be explained with enough words. Your smartphone’s screen is divided into two sections and when put into the 3D VR Glasses front pouch, each section is what each eye sees. Thus creating a 3D effect in what ever VR app you’re in. It’s so real you may scream through a zombie game or roller coaster game. You will be shocked by amazement when you’re in space or under the sea. It’s all just pure epic entertainment! I didn’t use it every single day of course because it wasn’t meant for such heavy, extreme use. It’s meant to be an entertainment system and not something to always have on your head despite the light weight and adequate comfort.

Cheap, light-weight, impressive, uses Google Cardboard apps, doesn’t require any external power, accommodates with a wide range of devices.

Not easy to set up, need an extra purchase of a controller and earphones for every single game to work, feels cheap, depletes your smartphones battery more than usual.

Check out the gallery above and my YouTube video review below.

Go and pick up your Nibiru 3D VR Glasses at Tiny Deal today! And let us know if you have experienced 3D Virtual Reality before, in the comment section below.
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nibiru-3d-vr-glasses-reviewIf you want virtual reality and you're on a budget then get these Nibiru 3D VR Glasses. They offer good comfort, resistance to damage, the bands fit nicely on the head and can take in any smartphone with screen size between 5-7 inches, like my OnePlus One.