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New YouTube Cards Replaces Old Annotations


YouTube videos are often known for their videos containing user annotations in their video clips. Most annotations come with links to other related videos or a website fr further information or interest. Rarely does anyone click those links, mostly because they are either unappealing to look at or just don’t piqué your interest. YouTube has found a newer way to use these annotations as YouTube Cards.

These YouTube Cards look more appealing than those boring text boxes and they are available at any time for users to apply. There are now six card types covering merchandise, fundraising, video linksplaylist links, associated websites and fan funding. Uploaders will see a new “Cards” tab in the video editor where they can set them up.

Even the mobile versions of YouTube will see these too, but I fear those regular text boxed annotations aren’t disappearing anytime soon. Mainly because you can’t choose the colors or sizes of the YouTube Cards or where to put them for (they all show up on the right side of videos).