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Carbon3D 3D Printer Prints Items In 7 Minutes


Carbon3D just unveiled a brand new 3D printing technique, Continuous Liquid Interface Production (C.L.I.P.), creates true contiguous 3D items by blasting a resin pool with bursts of light (which hardens the resin) and oxygen (which keeps it in a liquid state).

Because this 3D Printer doesn’t need to craft items layer-by-layer or eliminates seams, you can print 3D objects 25 to 100 times faster than usual. The design output is smoother, stronger and better suited for real-world uses, such as irritation-free medical implants.

There is no mention of distribution, pricing or further detailing as of yet. Check out the two videos below of the Carbon3D C.L.I.P. in action.


VIAWashington Post
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