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LeTV Announces Hot set of Android Devices


LeTV is a Chinese company whose main business is streaming videos from their website, similar to the way YouTube does it. They are pretty popular in China more than anywhere else in the world. After a controversy in which their CEO compared Apple to Hitler and the Nazis. He later apologized though and his company had some awesome Le smartphone news afterwards.

They introduced the Le 1 Max, Le 1 Pro and Le 1. They have great specs such as 21MP, 13MP and 13MP cameras (respectively), 4GB, 4GB, 3GB RAM (respectively), Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors (except for the Le 1 with an octacore MediaTek processor), 1080p displays (Quad HD and a fingerprint scanner for the Le 1 Max). They all have HIFI sound and are made of high quality aluminum. These are very impressive and we’ll see what the devices will offer when they are released.

Coming to LeTV online stores on April 21st and May 19th this year, Le 1 will be priced at 1499 CNY and Le 1 Pro at 2499 CNY. But the availability of Le 1 Max is still unknown. Stay tuned for more.