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Connected Cycle Bike Pedals Prevents Bike Theft

World's first pedal prevents bike theft and automatically records all your rides !

Connected Cycle Pedals

Connected Cycle is a recognized startup company that introduced their next-gen, smart bike pedals at CES 2015 a few months ago and we were hoping that they would start a crowdfunding campaign to help promote their product. Now we have great news that Connected Cycle has not only started their campaign on IndieGoGo but they have well surpassed their $50,000 goal by nearly 200%.

Connected Cycle PedalsConnected Cycle’s bike pedals can track activity and location. These smart pedals even come with “standardized” foot straps. The anti-theft tracking feature is priceless, add a coded wrench and an app to track activities on your smartphone and these  pedals will be in nearly every bike store. The device needs no external battery (power is generated from within), Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal. It is IP65 waterproof and has great grips for any type of footwear.

If you are interested go and pick up yourself (or a family member) a pair of Connected Cycle bike pedals for just $149.