Since the introduction of the faster Tesla Model S P85D it’s been hard for a week to go by without seeing a YouTube video of someone racing the EV against gas-powered supercars. Fortunate owners have found love at drag strips showing off their cars James Bond Mode, Insane Mode and Creep Mode. One of the latest videos to grace the internet was made by Motor Trend, pitting the Tesla Model S P85D against the all-American Dodge Charger Hellcat (the world’s fastest sedan) over a quarter-mile. These two rivals have met before which prompted for this official rematch with better drivers behind the wheel. The video is lengthy, it has a detailed explanation from Motor Trend on the difference between being fast and being quick at the beginning of the video or you can just hit the play button to just see the race. I’ll do you the favor by adding no spoilers, watch the video to find out which American sedan wins the race.