Popular, illegal music streaming service Grooveshark was reported to officially shutdown all of their operations and settle due to legal actions. But recently a mysterious team of individuals have strategically attempted to revive the streaming service and they plan on keeping it running, despite the recent legal matters that Grooveshark had suffered. One member spoke to BGR, stating that:

“Well, I started backing up all the content on the website when I started suspecting that Grooveshark’s demise is close and my suspicion was confirmed a few days later when they closed. By the time they closed I have already backed up 90% of the content on the site and I’m now working on getting the remaining 10%.”Shark

Even though the new site isn’t the Grooveshark that we all are familiar with but this mystery team plans to recreate the original’s UI, playlists & favorites. There is no word on whether any of the original Grooveshark employees are behind this or are affiliated with this mystery group, but I’d expect a similar result as far as record labels filing copyright lawsuits.