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Rdio Select Is a $4 Monthly Service With 25 Songs A Day


Subscription based music streaming services are everywhere, most of them charge the same amount while others like Tidal offer premium services for more money. Rdio is trying something different from the bunch, the company is introducing a cheaper music subscription-based option called Rdio Select for users who want on-demand music. The new Rdio Select service is at $3.99 a month, which will give users access to ad-free personalized radio with unlimited skip feature.

That’s not all you get if you decided to hop on the offer, subscribers will have access to just 25 songs to stream, download, and keep a day. I know what you are thinking now “why the magic number 25”. According to BuzzFeed, CEO Anthony Bay stated that Twenty-five songs “is more than most users download in a day, so we feel it’s enough,”. The Rdio Select is live now for the Android app in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. Let us know if you decided to give the Rdio Select a try.