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KFC’s Tray Typer Is Great For Texting During Dinner

Great For Texting With That Finger-Licking Goodness!


KFC has just came up with a very clever way to keep both food in your mouth while staying connected with friends and family without getting your $300 smartphone all greasy and messy (sorry can’t help prevent spilled drinks – yet). The fried chicken brand has designed a slick, Bluetooth keyboard in its latest advertising campaign in Germany.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken “Tray Typer”, is a reusable, Bluetooth keyboard that is as thin as the original tray paper inserts and it’s connectivity connects to your smartphone (or tablet) via Bluetooth so that you can continue to text your buddies, or send live tweets to your followers while wrist deep in a bucket of KFC fried chicken. Reports have stated that people have even taken these KFC tray inserts home with them, instead of tossing them in the trash.