Sonos’s audio systems are widely known for their impeccable ability to flawlessly sync your music across any room in your home. By providing top-notch software and impressive speakers, crowns Sonos as the leader of multi-room audio. In the past you could only buy one speaker at a time to accomplish universal audio bliss within the walls of your home. Sonos just made that task a bit easier now with the launch of their new “2 Room Starter Set” that combines two Sonos Play:1 speakers together in a bundle pack.

The Starter Pack for the two Sonos Play:1 Speakers can be purchase for $349 and they come in either black or white, and they can be placed in opposite sides of the room (most speaker sets need to be close to each other). The only place where you can order on of these sets is either directly from Sonos or from other retailers like Amazon and BestBuy. Also for a future note: Sonos plans to refine the Play:1’s audio quality with an upcoming firmware update (now in beta phase).