The holy month of Ramadan is on now for our Muslims brothers and sisters. This means that they’ll have to fast from all food and drink during the day for roughly the next 30 days. Google just launched My Ramadan Companion site to help keep our Muslim brothers and sisters informed of the exact times for sunrise and sunset.

To help you get the most out of Ramadan, we’ve launched My Ramadan Companion (, which gives you customized and locally relevant information, tips, and other content highlighting the richness of what the web can offer during Ramadan around you. You can find out the sunset time in your location and plan your day accordingly, check out the traffic in your area, navigate to the closest charity Iftar, find and share recipes, and enjoy Ramadan content on YouTube ranging from drama series and comedy sketches and health tips to stay fit during the 30 days of fasting.Zain Kamal Masri, Associate Product Marketing Manager

The site not only provides time and info in a card-based format, it collects recipes, YouTube contents, local restaurants and a bunch of other useful information for the Holy month. The site is also integrated to Google Now for push notifications and easy access, if you don’t already use it, it’s live now for your use. Since the site is in a card form, it adapts easily to your phone on various OS or PC.