Summertime is here and every parent is in a constant search for things that their child can do without getting harmed or lost. Most of the time the children end up bored, frustrated or they just lose interest quickly when parents try to “encourage them” to do extracurricular activities. I know I did. Most parents end up sending little Michael or Michelle to some distant summer camp with some mysterious looking camp leaders and misbehaving children. This year Google plans to give you a hand by hosting their own summer camp, that you can attend at the safety of you own home (or Grandma’s house), called “Camp Google“.

Camp Google is a virtual educational event for your little ones to experience science and technology in a different way, a way that even they can understand it. Each week will have a new theme to satisfy your child’s curiosity (Ocean, Space, Nature & Music). They will have the chance to experience the ocean, talk with astronauts, enjoy nature with a park ranger and jam to some music by an actual performing artist. All of this, Google is offering for free at Camp Google, and you don’t even need to register or need a Google account to join. All you need is a solid internet connection, some snacks for the young ones and a great seat, wherever you and your child may be.

I must be honest here, don’t be shocked if your son or daughter returns back to school, knowing a bit more than the rest of their classmates. I really wish this opportunity was around when I was younger. Camp Google starts next week on Monday, July 13th so don’t forget to plan for the next few weeks (one week per topic). You can check out more information on Camp Google at their website and even see for yourself the great experiences that they will be offering your children.

So far the National Park Service, National Geographic and Khan Academy are all partners with Google for this event. Camp Google is geared towards the age groups of 7-10 (with parent supervision), but children of all ages are welcomed.