No one saw this coming from Marshall. The famous guitar amp, headphones and Bluetooth speaker maker just made a big leap into the smartphone market as they announced “London”. The Marshall London is an Android (Lollipop) device with decent specs for music lovers. Strange how they kept smartphone under wraps from being leaked just like every other phone we’ve seen. The Marshall London comes with a 4.7-inch (720p/IPS) device, 16GB of internal storage (expandable via SD card), a 2500 mAh (removable) battery, 8- and 2-megapixel cameras, a Wolfson DSP and it’s running on a Snapdragon 410 chip (1.4GHz, quad-core), this means it has LTE. The company had to partner with the  firm Creoir, whose previous collaborations include Jolla and Nokia.


Just as you’d expect from Marshall, the London smartphone is all about music. The Marshall London comes with two front-facing speakers, two audio outputs that let two people listen to music in stereo. There’s a dedicated M button at the top of the phone which gives you access to your music. Still on the exterior design of the Marshall London, there’s a gold-colored scroll wheel on the side of the phone for volume control. The Marshall London comes with a bunch of dedicated apps that will sway a music or DJ wannabe its direction. The Marshall London will cost 4,995 Swedish Krona (roughly $499/£399) the device will be available August (21st). If you are already a die-hard Marshall fan, you can pre-order the Marshall London starting today. See the source link below for more info about the new Marshall London smartphone.