It seems like every filmmaker wants an opportunity to bring us their take on the life of Steve Jobs. Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney is giving you a chance to see the “Bold, Brilliant and Brutal” side of Steve Jobs from his own perspective. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine documentary was the same one that premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. The Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine trailer shows Gibney interviewing some of Jobs’s old co-workers who lost their way and families working with him, he also portrays the visionary CEO we all love as a ruthless leader who will take you down “if you choose to leave” his family.

If Alex Gibney’s documentary on Steve Jobs life isn’t enough to satiate you, the movie written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender as Jobs is slated for release in October. Alex Gibney’s Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine film will open in select theaters and on demand on Sept. 4.


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